Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sub Zero

The wind is sincerely howling around the house.  I can hear it trying to reach down our chimney, but I have that fireplace so stoked with wood that there's not a chance it will get through.

What does one do as the temperature plumets from 35 degrees to -4 in just a few short hours?  If you're born and raised up north, you get the heck outside and get as much vitamin D as you can while the sun doth shine, my friends.  Throw on some extra clothes and play a little boot hockey.  (or sit in your heated car and take pictures of your husband and his friends - it really was too cold).

I took a stroll through our local park and admired the ice sculptures.  I guess it wasn't technically a stroll.  More like a moment of hopping up and down trying to keep warm with my back to the wind and cursing like a sailor.

This one was my favorite sculptures - a growler - what do you call them in your neck of the woods?  You know - a big jug of beer that you can have filled at your local brewery and bring it home to enjoy. Ours is The Excelsior Brewing Company - and low and behold, they have a blog.

This chilly day was also "Hockey Day Minnesota".  The highlight for me was watching a high school varsity hockey game being played outside -  "pond hockey" style.  Go Benilde! (they lost)  I watched this game

. . . from the comfort of my couch.  With half of my family and the half empty growler close by.  No judgement, right?  The other half was . . . playing hockey.  I prefer the spectator sports myself.

And now, the sun has set.  All are sleeping - I am here next to the fire working on a Valentine's Day bunting for a friend.  It's so cute, though.  This might find a home right here.

Happy Hockey Day to all and to all a warm and peaceful night.


livnletlrn said...

They're growlers here too. I swear, I am *thiiis* close to going down the crochet rabbit hole, for the first time in ~25 years, partially because of your influence. Last night's slippery slope was the assorted heart motifs I found on Ravelry when your bunting-in-progress pic made me think, "Wait a minute. You can crochet granny hearts?!" Very cool.

Caroline said...

I promise I wasn't trying to taunt you hearty Northerners with my post about our balmy weather! You make it looks like fun to be in such frigid temps, especially the part about sitting inside by the warm fire crafting. LOL

wildtomato said...

The growler sculpture is cool! Although, I don't know if having below zero temperatures is really my thing, even if I could make cool growler sculptures. Stay warm! I love all your crochet posts - I need to dust off the old hook.